Music comes from the cosmos.
I am just one of the fortunate...


I hear not only through my ears but from a space

I’m bohemian

Music comes from the cosmos. I am just one of the fortunate chosen ones who have been blessed with the ability to receive and dissipate the vibrations.

The joy and emotion that an artist feels on imbibing and expressing those vibrations when blended with his own interpretation and the perseverance and practice of the art makes for originality and uniqueness of sound.

It is my firm belief that in my journey till now I have been put through extreme situations from a very early age, only to increase the sensitivity of my reception and to hone my ability to broadcast the sounds that I hear, not only through my ears but from within a headspace, the depths of which increase with every new experience that I grow with.

I believe that the journey of each soul should be to reach a higher plane than where it continues from and to achieve and enjoy the highs and lows of the flight of life.

My life has been divided in two parts of existence. I have lived the past 31 years between two careers, of a Customs broker and the other of an ever-aspiring creative individual and each day is an attempt to find a balance between the two.

I owe this to my Parents Rammohan and Sitadevi Maroo who understood my calling and allowed and supported me to cultivate and follow my dream. It is due to their blessings that I have been able to bring to reality, the visions that reflected from the mirrors in their room. I consider those mirrors as my first teachers.

I’m a firm believer of the power of visualisation and when combined with the will to carry on in the face of obstacles, one can and will achieve his dream. The dream though must keep evolving and challenge the dreamer to go beyond and take chances and create roads where none exist.

My life partner Vinita has been my anchor and I have no hesitation in declaring that the stability in my life comes from her loving care and support. Our Son Tarang is my biggest strength and pride. His creativity, musicality and power of communication have the potential to exceed my own and I pray that he will continue to make us proud as he has always.

I’m very fortunate to have them both. I’m bohemian. Without them I am just a dreamer.

My sincere heartfelt thanks all my well wishers and friends and family for their faith and encouragement throughout my journey so far. I hope you continue to enjoy the music. Your support and affection encourages and enthuses me to go on.

May Govinda bless you all.